SuDo Patterning® - understand your true nature

SuDo Patterning® provides an in-depth, personalized narrative of your personal dimension(s) and inspires you to understand and influence true nature.

I will give you my modern interpretation of your mysterious Soul Quest reality. 
I introduce you to clear and powerful mechanisms that we as human use to get what we want and to attract, dominate and confuse ourselves and one another. 
You will pick up and reclaim your authentic powers.
When you understand your true nature, you get grip on your true potential. 
Know more qualifications, get more aspects, see more possibilities and sense different accordingly.  - Christiene - 

When you get the fascinating fundamentals of SuDo Patterning® you will really appreciate the compelling force of your personal ingenuity that will expand your world of opportunities.  


What if you learn about SuDo Patterning?

Attend the public SuDo Patterning certification trainings 

or engage in SuDo Patterning Pro  specially for professionals.

The results and effects of the certification courses open for public are as fascinating as those of the professional module for coaches.
Suggestion Domain Patterning® (since 2006 better known as SuDo Patterning®), is an eclectic compiled approach to handle people issues, designed to help you create focus, awareness and huge advantage naturally.

People who attended the SuDo Patterning® programs have commented that SuDo Patterning® 

  • gives them an advanced framework to enhance their abilities.
  • provide them with a remarkable instrument, to recognize and align the success factors that manifest what they are longing for.
  • helps them to achieve long term amendment for their soul fulfillment in living and working with people.

How is SuDo Patterning® important to you?

You know you can be more significant, more charismatic, more ambitious, less restless, more happy, you just don’t always know how. 
Imagine, what if - through SuDo Patterning® - you will be able to

  • train yourself to overcome doubts and fears
  • positively reclaim, influence and inspire personal features as most productive traits and valuable assets
  • amplify personal qualities and talents
  • improve your presence, discussions and credibility
  • align and balance thoughts, emotions and desires
  • cultivate convincing solid willpower and appealing charismatic personality

In the SuDo Patterning® programs you will discover how you can effortlessly lift the veil, by which all of us tend to conceal our true and authentic talented traits.

You will learn how to positively influence behavior, expand talents, stand for immediate decisions, change what doesn't work for you and discuss or reason more effective and inspiring.

You will be able to re-connect with your deeper sense of who you are in your soul identity and recognize how to influence your personality to create the best life and achieve your ambitions.

So, consider this, you yourself decide the importance of this innovative instrument in your work, your relationships with other people, your personal life and your spiritual life and happiness, or choose it just because you deserve better naturally.


The appropriate question is not 'why', rather 'why wait'?