Change Performance with Christiene is mind blowing

Christiene is known for her no-nonsense, dexterous approach, her quick, alert and brisk presentations and wonderful profound results with the people she works with. Her advanced inspirational abilities provide for remarkable fast and far-reaching results.

Not shunning discussions or natural resistance, she works together with groups and individuals and cultures each individual bud into blooming life lasting affects.
Combined with humor and flexibility her unconventional dexterous way of Change Performance, will get you the undeniable assistance to change what is holding you back now.

Amplified ensemble of qualities and ambitions
During ten-thousands of hours working with people over 20+ years Christiene amplified her abilities such as Pattern Resonance, Semantics, ...
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 Owner of Alter Vision Training & Coaching Institute
in Rotterdam (NL) since 1993, an ISO 9001 certified organization that offers a variety of change 
management and talent ....
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International Change Performer
Delivers worldwide fast paced programs and w
orking with groups (max 50 people) and individuals 1-O-1. For both private matters and professional matters at all levels within an .....
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Founder/Creator & Master Trainer of SuDo Patterning®
Suggestion Domain Patterning® is a advanced patterning system, provides profound insight in matters of the soul, emotional tolerance, triggering behavior, decision making strategies, .....
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◆ Other disciplines
- International Certified Trainer in various disciplines 
- Certified Therapist 
- Counselor Timeframe Access and Intervention Methods
- Educator, Trainer and Supervisor of professionals in coaching, management, 
   schooling, therapy, social care, etc. 
- Designer of various techniques and methods for personal and relational change.
- Poetess, photographer and author