Core inspiration affecting you and your business

Treat your staff and clients well, before your competition does.
- Christiene M. de Vries - 

An organization is not the money, it is a bunch of individual people working together. Aligning all the various components that match the organizational strategies and positive corporate image of the organization, has to be an individual commitment of every single staff member to a common concern. 
It's never easy to fulfill that task every day and it will never be an easy task to lead the subtle processes in human beings that keep them positively successfully and vividly working together as a whole. 

So, if 'easy' is one of the running cultural criteria for your organization, then your business is loosing lots of credits.
Think about what criteria -other than easy- do you have in your business to let the plates spin smoothly and professionally?
And how is your staff involved in all this corporate vividness?

Christiene works with organizations

  • on quality management
  • on change management
  • on personal development
  • on cutting back on costs due to absenteeism 
  • on increasing sales and more effective client approach
  • on amplifying professionalism
  • on vigorous people management
  • on charismatic and positive performance
  • on team collaboration
  • on optimizing workforce by profiling and training teams and individuals 

Her expertise is all about bringing out the best in people, inspiring, eliciting and driving them to get the best results individually and as a team, a group, a unit.
She conducts various corporate support programs for organizations in profit and non-profit sector, (healthcare, wellness, government, banking, commercial trade, industrial) that include both individual coaching sessions and conforming group sessions, for the purpose of supporting the success of a compelling positive focused corporate culture.

You can book Christiene for serious issues involving 

* Positive effective engagement of staff members

* Clear and productive communication skills

* Specific skill development to Expand Conversational Adequacy, e.g.:

    - smart interviewing techniques
    - compelling conversation 
    - positive influencing people
    - negotiation skills


* Inspiring charismatic compelling management 

* Commercial awareness

* Sales conversation improvement 

* Cultural  Change Support

* Trainers training, coach training, management training

* Profiling skills and methods for HR, management, sales.

* Various Theme Workshops for personal and skill development


Coaching and counseling service 1-O-1

* Coaching and supervising teams

* Executive coaching and Sr. Management coaching

* Employee coaching

Two Exclusive and Specially Aligned Remedy Programs 

'Stay on track' support 
A mixed support program that includes both individual coaching sessions and conforming group sessions. Aligned and specially designed to release emotional and mental friction and to hand practical tools and applications for the purpose of self-coaching and self-management of your staff members

To handle pressure at work, discussions, conflict situations, stress and feelings of dissatisfaction or discomfort. 
To prevent absenteeism from work due to stress, mental or emotional overload, conflict at work or derivative issues.


'Get back on track' 
This balanced remedy program helps people get back at work after a period of absence due to burn-out, or uncomfortable situation as a result of personal conflict, or mental or emotional stress or other derivative issues.


Would you say you have spilled enough time and precious resources on fiddling conflicts, poor professionalism, unnecessary 
absenteeism and marginal trainers, to feel responsive to a different yet mind blowing approach with fast long lasting results?