SuDo Patterning® training for change that will stick

If you want all your present issues to go, then transcend the Illusion that they exist without you. - Christiene -

SuDo Patterning® derived from ten-thousands of hours conducting Human Identity Styling® during 20+ years of coaching and training people, studying their habits, peculiarities, expressions, emotions and strategies. 

Christiene designed models, procedures, manuals and structured courses for helping people learn to comprehend the endless possibilities of SuDo Patterning® and utilize applications. For both private personal use and career opportunities

She also founded the SuDoPA (SuDo Patterning® Association) for registering all certified and practicing participants, to keep them informed and up to date.

As of 2009 there are several levels of SuDo Patterning certification courses open to the public :

  • Practitioner certification (introduction)
  • SuDo Patterning Change Agent certification 
  • SuDo Patterning Next Level Facilitator certification
  • SuDo Patterning Coach certification

Now there is also a High Potential certification course for professionals 

  • SuDo Patterning Pro (special certification course for professionals in coaching, mentoring, counseling, therapy and mediation.)

Overall, what will you get from any SuDo Patterning training

In these courses you will enhance certain understanding of the complex connections in the mind that drive people to interact with themselves and with other people the way they do.

You will get real innovative insight in the enchanting procedures of 3 basic Triangular connections and 9 covert Suggestion Domains running in our mind, which allow us to create focus and be our own independent instrument for manifestation.  

You will learn how to recognize, map, utilize and influence essential unconscious expressions people demonstrate clearly, but of which they are oblivious.

You will get exciting understanding of who you are in essence and fascinating knowledge through the basic Choice Point Model® and step-by-step explanation about quarks, key-indicators, portayal operators, achievement strategies, the power of suggestion, identity structure, soul fulfillment and much more. 

Also Christiene will lead you through all kinds of experiences for the purpose of learning and practicing various techniques for probing, profiling, patterning, interviewing, reasoning, influencing, intervention, conversation, motivation, change management, goal setting, character building, charisma, creating focus, self-coaching.

In fact, you will be enabled to

  • reach the core of issues rather effortlessly, 
  • positively influence and change minds, 
  • increase emotional tolerance,
  • create focus and motivation
  • inspire every situation in your life, 

You will also be enabled to

  • accelerate procedures, 
  • amplify talents,
  • handle tough discussions,
  • cope with challenging situations,
  • create loving, respectful and joyful relationships 
  • recognize and access your core desires for living, 
  • maintain and pursue your quest to your individual soul fulfillment 


Imagine, what if you receive this innovative profound knowledge from the founder of SuDo Patterning® who makes alterations so effortless and practical that you can immediately apply it to increase the quality of your personality, life, health, relationships and work?